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April 15, 2011 / icallmeshort


Because one image says more than a thousand words.

Didn’t even realize I’d dinged, until I saw that oh-so-familiar-light lighten my screen. Was quite happy though, as I thought it’d take at-least 1 hour or so until I leveled.
I am also HC ready, only had to do a quick stop by the AH and pick up some upgrades to replace my greens with. As of this writing I am currently iLevel 331, which I’m told, is quite a bit too low for bears to tank on. The ones who said that apparently didn’t know how to use CD’s ;).

I’m quite happy with myself for another thing also. I finally sold my 34 frozen orbs, that I’ve had for God knows how long, just sitting there in my inventory/bank. They sold for around 9g50s each, so it was quite a hefty sum all-in-all. I don’t know what else to type here for the moment, really just came on to share my level-up and a small status update!

If anyone reads this, I’d be glad for some comments, even if it’s just a small “hi” ;o.

And chili-chips are sooo tasty..



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