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April 14, 2011 / icallmeshort

And the grind begins

1 Bar.

That’s exactly how much exp you get out of Stonecore on 84. It’s low, but when you do it with the awesome group I had, it’s well worth it! I mean, who doesn’t want to tank almost the whole room before Ozruk, but not in small pulls but in a big one? And survive? I sure as hell do, and that’s what I did. We had the most awesome healer (Shaman FYI) and dps I’ve seen so-far on my bear. And we made it!


By the way, have you ever heard that rogues now can queue as off-tanks for Vortex Pinnacle? No? Well, we had one today, and she got to eat each and every one that got thrown in our Vortex run today. Every single one. I can tell you, she was really pissed in the end!

On the Stonecore run though, she actually managed to avoid all the gimmicks, such as the brutes stuns, the charges from the berserkers in the start, and still managed to interrupt all key skills (Earthshapers evolved, anyone?). But yes, 1 bar.. I feel this’ll be a looong grind to 85. Though I don’t complain. I get to experience all those awesome groups (And all the bad ones but hey, I’m awesome enough for everyone!)


On a serious note though..


I like pancakes!


Damn this song is screaming my ears to pieces..


Where were I..? Oh, yes, awesomeness.. I feel kinda hyped for the 4.1 patch, regarding tank-a-bears (Paladins get to be called tankadins, so why not..?), since the CD on Swipe will be lowered! So finally we can perhaps, maybe, hopefully, hold snap AoE aggro in groups with trigger happy dps?

It’s not really a problem at the moment though, since most healers just let stupid pre-pull-pulling-dps die if I tell them to, and most actually learn or leave. I’m content with either. But yes, it’s not a problem either since most dps actually listen to you if you say you need 3 seconds on AoE pulls. And incase the worst happens, just hit that Challenging Roar.

Or let them die, then growl.

God I’m bad at this stuff..


Anyways, I’ve since long decided to tank from 80 – 85, and it’s actually not that bad. I mean, it’s only taken what..? Umm.. 3 days I think, from 80 – 84, and at ~1 bar/run, I’ll probably be 85 tomorrow or so, and ready to go HC since I’ve already got all normal-mode drops :)!

Looking forward to it.


Anyways, off to eat lunch, drink some coffee so you guys stay safe okay..? Good





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