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April 13, 2011 / icallmeshort

Coffee and a dungeon..

.. And some crazy-ass long remix of Deadmau5 – Some Chords (4×4=12 Continuous remix) on a corner.

It doesn’t get better than this.

A smooth run in Vortex Pinnacle, with friendly dps’s that actually do more damage than me on average, and a healer that never seems to go oom, how many mobs I pull. Some credit is on me though, because I’ve actually learned to use my cooldowns properly.

Not that there’s a lot of  ’em for bears compared to some other tanks.

On-topic though, coffee. Whoever came up with the idea of roasting small beans, shredding them to pieces and let them soak in boiling water is a genius and should be rewarded for it, as far as I care.

I mean, it’s like situational awareness in fluid form, with the bonus of making you less tired!

Anyways, I feel I might’ve provided a to slim  amount of information on myself. I’m a soon-to-be-grown-up male, attending my second year in high-school, that likes to play all our favorite game, World of Feralcraft (What..? They changed the name? Or did I fall asleep and dream again >.<..?), hang out with friends and just.. be random with my friends I guess.

And I love tanking. Did I mention that? I mean, not only guild tanking, but even the dreaded ‘Dungeon “Tank-slayer” Finder’. Because every run brings something new, something to make me improve my playstyle and all that jazz.. But point being, it’s fun! So get out there and do random groups, once in a blue moon you get a really good group making it all worth, and when you don’t, most people tend to take it easy if you say you need around 4 – 5 seconds of getting aggro before they go pewpew.

Damn this song is long..

Feels like I’m just going around the same track in this topic. But I guess It’ll get more interesting when I get used to this whole new.. thing.

Anyways, where were I? Oh, right. Coffee.


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